Phones are so advanced these days that they’re becoming more like mini PCs in your pocket, yet they’re still not perfect. Take storage, for instance – even when there’s a lot of it, it’s usually not very fast, even in high-end phones.

Well, Samsung wants to change that. According to Samsung Tomorrow, everyone’s favourite Apple competitor has just unveiled the first 128GB Flash memory chip based on a brand-new standard called Universal Flash Storage, or UFS for short, which Samsung reps say will “support high-end mobile market needs”. eMMC, the current standard, will continue to serve the entry-level and mid-range markets.

This new memory is apparently 2.7 times faster than the embedded memory found in today’s high-end phones, which means that everything you load on your phone will perform just that much faster. Faster-loading Angry Birds levels for the win!

Perhaps more importantly, Samsung says UFS is 28 times faster than external memory cards. While memory cards are a quick fix for high-end devices with only a small amount of internal storage, it’s aggravating to have to wait lengthy periods for games and apps downloaded to them to load, and UFS’s speed will definitely help with that.

Samsung Tomorrow says the company will also make 32GB and 64GB versions available, which is double that of their current line-up of eMMC memory solutions.

This is all very good news for people eyeing a near-future high-end phone upgrade, and particularly those interested in Samsung’s next big phone, the Galaxy S6; considering that this announcement has come shortly before Mobile World Congress and the S6’s big unveil, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that the S6 and its variants will come standard with this speedy new memory.

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