GoMetro users can now send “running late” email notices to work even without internet

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MetroRail users know all too well that more often than not trains don’t arrive on scheduled time and a lot of commuters get late for work. To help with this issue, GoMetro has just added an “Email My Boss” button that will send an email to your superior, even if you’re not using a smartphone.

Commuters don’t need an email address either to send one as the button works via USSD and the GoMetro mobi site. Dial *120*4668# for USSD or select Email My Boss on the mobi site.

“GoMetro was started in 2012 to solve a major pain-point for commuters who get to work by train. Every time there is a delay or disruption to trains in the Western Cape, workers who are late need to stand in long queues in order to receive letters to give their employers in order not to receive written warnings,” GoMetro CEO Justin Coetzee.

“GoMetro has solved that pain-point today by quickly generating a late note from their mobile phones – even if they don’t have an internet connection thanks to USSD.”

“Any abuse or misrepresentation of the service can be reported by the employer,” GoMetro community manager, Marnus Lottering pointed out.

The Email My Boss button is currently only available to MetroRail users in the Western Cape, but will be made available to KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng commuters soon.

[Source – GoMetro]