This year’s Mobile World Congress kicked off to a roaring start in Barcelona today, with Alcatel OneTouch being the first company to unveil its new products. But its announcement merely paved the way for mobile phone juggernaut Samsung, who showed off its Galaxy S6 a few hours later.

Last year Alcatel made a re-entry into the smartphone circus with its Idol Alpha, but this year it improved on its initial designs and released the Idol 3.

Manufacturers like Alcatel has always played second fiddle to big-name players like Apple, Samsung and LG, so it has to constantly come up with new ideas.

The Idol 3’s hook is the fact that you will be able to answer the phone even if it’s upside down. Yes, no matter what the phone’s orientation might be, you will still be able to take that super important call. IN case you were wondering, the phone’s interface automatically rotates in order to make that happen.

But let’s not forget about the other features: JBL audio with two front-facing speakers and Clari-Fi technology, as well as the ONETOUCH MIX music application.

The nuts and bolts of the phone’s symmetrical design is made up by Android Lollipop, and it will be available in two variation: a 4.7-inch, and a 5.5-inch.

The 4.7-inch is powered by a quad-core CPU and uses an HD screen, while the 5.5-inch has an octa-core 1500 MHzARM Cortex-A53 CPU, and a full HD screen.

Both models are capable of LTE.

For the camera, Alcatel has thrown in a 13-megapixel rear camera with a large aperture for low light, while the 8MP front camera has an 84-degree viewing angle.

“To immortalize the most important moments of our lives, we grab our smartphones without even thinking about it. That’s why it’s important to offer an integrated camera that is able to focus quickly, especially to capture people, who are always moving. So we partnered with Fotonation to create Fast Face Focus, which enables face detection in just 0.26 seconds,” said Francois Chambon, Head of Alcatel’s Innovation Lab, in a press statement.

[Image – Alcatel]

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