Grand Theft Auto Online is set to get its Heists update tomorrow, but some players have been given early access to it and are reporting it’s a pretty hefty package to download, according to Eurogamer.

Gamers have posted screenshots to Twitter, revealing that Heists clocks in at a mammoth 4.8GB, up from the 4.2GB that Rockstar Games originally quoted.

By comparison, the Heists update on last generation machines is a lot smaller; players have reported that it weighs in at 1.2GB on Xbox 360. None of this will be of much concern to PC gamers, since they’ll have to wait until next month to get their mitts on the game.

GTA Online Heists contains a ton of new content, including an all new series of shady endeavours that players can get stuck into across the game’s sprawling city of Los Santos and the meth-lab dustbowl back country of Blaine County.

They’ll also have a new collection of vehicles to tool about in, some brand new weapons and a bunch of new clothes to kit out their online avatar with. They even have the option of going all Shia Lebeouf and dressing up in a suit with a paper bag on their head. There’s also a list of new achievements, but you don’t get one for that.