Did you know that the oldest average age in all 54 of Africa’s countries is under 32? Or that the youngest country has a median age of just 15.1? Well, you do now.

This is according to data compiled in 2014 by the CIA and documented in its World Factbook, which provides information on the economy, history, geography and more on  267 world entities.

South Africa is among the African countries with the oldest median age (26 years), while the majority of the continent has a median age below 20.

Niger is the youngest country not only on the continent but globally aswell (15.1 years) , while Germany and Japan are the oldest at 46.1 years. Europe has the oldest median ages with all countries at above 29 years old.

The maps below, created by the global post illustrate this data.




[Source – Global Post, image – File]