We’ve all been there before. It’s Friday night and you’ve sat through Jerry Maguire, drinking the better part of a bottle of Chardonnay while clutching soggy tissues.

You were recently dumped unceremoniously by your other half and the wound is still raw, but something about the way it all works out for Tom and Renee speaks to you. So you reach for your phone and you text your ex, telling them how much you miss them and how you wish they were there.

And you regret doing so about a split-second after you hit ‘send’.

In the past, you’d have to prepare yourself an extended period of shame, but now, if you’re using an Android device you can take back any messy texts you send out in a moment of weakness. Developed by Maci Peterson, On Second Thought is an app that allows users to cancel texts before the intended recipient ever sees them.

Once downloaded and set up, On Second Thought handles any SMS communications, granting the user a grace period up to a minute during which time they can recall any texts they may have had second thoughts about sending.

This functionality isn’t entirely new, but On Second Thought offers a novel function called Curfew, which allows users the the option to embargo certain texts. If you’re out on the town imbibing Dutch Courage and you fancy letting someone in your life have it with both barrels, Curfew can embargo your messages until the next day, allowing you to decide whether you wanted to hurl vitriol in the cold light of day.

We suggest you download it before watching Jerry Maguire again. Just in case…

[Image – CC Peter Werkman]