Taking pictures with a still camera on solid ground is not the most difficult thing to do, but how good are your skills at capturing quality image or video with a drone?

That is exactly what South Africa’s Wikimedia chapter wants to find out in a photography competition being run in conjunction with FPV Fest South Africa. The two organisations joined forces to create a competition that would also generate content for Wikimedia Commons’ use in Wikipedia.

“The focus of the project, a world first, is to increase the quantity and quality of aerial photographs and video media of important public landmarks and scenery in Africa,” Wikimedia South Africa said in a statement.

Better get your drones flying, as the competition will be running from March until the end of April, where the overall winners in the three categories will be announced at the SA Drone Festival in May.

What content is Wikimedia looking for? Well, it has suggested that new aerial footage of towns, neighbourhoods, beaches, monuments, or major events will go a long way towards securing first place for Best Video, Best Photo or Best Use on Wikipedia.

Oh, and there will be over R10 000 worth of prizes up for grabs.

While any aerial footage will be considered and not just those shot with drones, there are a number of flying rules to be aware of.

“Footage that is deemed dangerous or reckless will not be counted and removed from Wikimedia. Don’t fly in areas known to not allow RC aircraft without permission i.e. SANParks. All submitted images and video content must comply with South African privacy and aeronautical laws and regulation,” Wikimedia warned.

For more information about the competition, click here.

[Source – Wikimedia South Africa, Image – Bloemfontein Women’s Memorial by Carl Viloria]
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