Sony has announced that players are going to¬†get a look at the first full games for Project Morpheus at this year’s E3 games expo in Los Angeles.

Speaking at GDC, the President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for SCEE Shuhei Yoshida said that Sony will be showing off first-party titles that utilise Sony’s gaming VR headset for the PlayStation 4.

“Many studios of ours are working on actual games,” Yoshida told gaming website Gamespot. “We haven’t talked about these games yet. We are waiting for the right time. Starting probably at E3, we will start to show the actual games.”

While Yoshida said the prospect of unveiling these games at E3 was exciting, he added that he was far more interested in the games that third party developers may be working on, that he doesn’t even know about yet.

“I’m expecting a developer that we don’t even know exists today will come up with something amazing,” he said. “What excites me most, from our experience launching many platforms, is that it’s always someone who we do not expect that comes up with totally new ideas and blows anybody’s mind.”

Sony has demoed a couple of titles at E3, Gamescom and most recently at GDC and more are expected to follow. A price for Project Morpheus ahead of its 2016 release would also be handy, but no information on that has been forthcoming.