Developer Visceral spoke to Gamespot about some of the last-minute changes they made to the final retail version of Battlefield: Hardline – the one you’ll be playing next week Tuesday – saying how they paid close attention to the issues raised by the Battlefield community during the beta, and adjusted a few things accordingly.

But something they weren’t counting on is someone actually succeeding at a challenge they laid down at the start of February’s public beta: to hit level 150 in the five days the beta was playable.

Naturally, someone did exactly that, and because of it Visceral has adjusted the rate at which players level up, stretching it out to twice the time it took in the beta.

“One thing that was interesting is that players progressed through the Rank progression than we expected them to,” Viceral’s Thad Sasser told Gamespot. “We thought that [Rank 150 challenge] might have been impossible, but he showed us otherwise, which was kind of the point of the challenge. As a result, we’ve adjusted the scale of the ranks approximately doubling the length of time it takes to get to each rank.”

So if you were enjoying the steady stream of unlocks and feeling like you were progressing without it being too much of a grind during the beta, your retail experience won’t be the same.

It’s probably a good thing if you’re a hardcore, committed Battlefield player who’s going to be logging on every night for the foreseeable future, but for those who play casually or who simply don’t have the time needed to progress may get less out of it. Only time will tell.

As for other changes Visceral made to the game, here’s a quick list:

Battlefield Hardline Key Changes After The Beta

  • One hit kill range reduced for 870 and SPAS
  • Fire rate reduced for 870
  • More vertical recoil for 870
  • Recoil reduced for RO933
  • Damage reduced for Ro933
  • Vertical recoil added to M16A3 and M416
  • Increased P90 spread per shot
  • Improved Uzi un-aimed fire accuracy
  • Magnum Ammo OHK range reduced
  • Magnum Ammo vehicle damage reduced 50%


  • Moved G36C to Cops and M416 to criminals
  • Moved M/45 to cops and UMP to criminals


  • Rank progression slowed down by 50%
  • Repriced Battlepacks to cost more in-game cash
  • Weapon license increased to 1250 kill
  • Gold camo increased to 1000 kills


  • GPS spotting and jamming range for Hacker mode reduced
  • Overclock timing reduced for Hacker mode
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