On Wednesday and Thursday, 25th to 26th March, local business accelerator Seed Academy will host free training days for entrepreneurs looking to learn more about growth and business principles.

The training aims to provide micro and small business entrepreneurs with insight into what is required to establish and operate a successful business according to a media statement.

“Job creation is at the forefront of the government’s mandate. We are helping government achieve their objective by empowering entrepreneurs in both rural and urban areas. We believe that our new programme, Roots, will help to change the socio-economic landscape in South Africa by alleviating poverty and reducing unemployment,” said Lara Rosmarin, CEO of Seed Academy.

Entrepreneurs will learn about the following principles:

  1. Business basics

  2. Accounting basics

  3. Business capability and skills

  4. Operations, processes and business flows

  5. Statutory and legal requirements

  6. Labour matters

  7. Finance

  8. Budgeting, margins, profitability and cash management

  9. Taxation

  10. Sales and marketing

  11. Customer services

During the training, participants will complete relevant tasks and will then have to present their business concept to other entrepreneurs and Seed Academy experts. Helpful feedback will be provided; post-programme support includes accessing Seed Academy’s experts and all entrepreneurs will be contacted after three months to track progress.

To apply for the free training program, visit the Seed Academy website or email [email protected].

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