At last night’s BAFTA awards, Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella told IGN that the studio is definitely working on a sequel to Titanfall, Respawn’s giant-robot multiplayer-only shooter, and that it is being developed as a multi-platform title.

This marks the first time Zampella has said anything about the game, but the news isn’t that much of a surprise EA indicated back in February (via Forbes) that “we’ll probably have another Titanfall game”, and that it would “be a bigger footprint than just a single platform”.

Zampella went on to tell IGN that the reason Titanfall was exclusive to the Xbox One was down to business, and that the studio wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise.

Reading between the lines, that means Respawn couldn’t have paid for the game’s development on its own, and that Microsoft’s deep pockets and need to give the Xbox One something the competition didn’t had them more than happy to foot the bill.

Titanfall was up for awards in three different “Best” categories at the BAFTAs (Innovation, Multiplayer and Original Property); unfortunately for the studio it didn’t win anything on the night.

This is good news for PlayStation gamers who’ve liked the look of Titanfall, and better news for the studio as it opens their fighting-robot IP up to new audiences, which should mean more cash for them in the long term should they pull off the sequel and learn from their mistakes.

For a full list of BAFTA nominees and winners in the Games category, check out this IGN post.

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