BlackBerry handsets have long been the smartphone for the masses here in South Africa, but it looks like the company has come up with a cunning plan to reverse its flailing fortunes worldwide. Faced with the problem of a terminal-looking decline in the number of BlackBerry handsets sold worldwide it’s done what any sensible manufacturer would to stem its financial losses: it’s upped the price by a factor of ten.

The Canadian firm has just announced its latest flagship, the P’9983 Graphite. It’s not just any old BlackBerry, though, this has been designed by Porsche Design, the German firm famous for its minimalist approach to hardware creation which usually involves square corners and lots of metal.

This is what the P’9983 looks like.

porche blackberryIt’s a BB10 phone, with a 21oomAh battery and a 3.1-inch touchscreen. That screen resolution is just 720×720, and beneath it sits a very old Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip running at 1.5GHz across its two cores. Physically, it’s 119×67.1×10.6mm and weighs just 140g. Ther’s an 8MP camera and 64GB of storage.

All of which is a bit underwhelming really. Especially when you consider the price. There’s no local price yet, but it’s 1 650 Euros, or R21 661, overseas.

As well as the kudos of buying what is, obviously, an elegant looking BlackBerry, though, you also get the firm’s latest security features – and an exclusive PIN ID reserved for BlackBerry Porsche owners.

And if you’re not convinced by that, well… what’s a phone firm to try?

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