Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Asylum are coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one by way of a remastered HD collection, according to IGN Italy. The site says says that according to “reliable sources”, the remastered package should arrive by Christmas.

Batma: Arkham Origins, the Batman game that was not made by UK studio Rocksteady, apparently won’t be a part of the collection.

Nobody from Warner Bros. – the franchise’s publisher – confirmed or denied the rumour when Gamespot approached them for comment.

Meanwhile, Rocksteady recently announced that their third Batman game, Batman: Arkham Knight, has been delayed again, this time to the 23rd of June. They said via press release “We’re a developer that hates to make any compromises, so we are sorry to say this means it’s going to be just a little bit longer until you can play the epic conclusion to the Arkham trilogy.”

You may have noticed Rocksteady referring to Arkham Knight as the third game in a trilogy. That goes hand in hand with Arkham Origins being ignored by the studio as official Batman Arkham canon, since that game was developed by another studio entirely.

I’m quite pleased about the prospect re-playing remastered versions of the first two Asylum games since they were both so good, well-received by critics and gamers alike for their excellent combat, stunning graphics for the time and clever level design. It’ll also be a good opportunity for anyone who hasn’t yet played them to pick them up, too.

I am a bit unhappy about Arkham Knight’s delay, but there’s so much coming out between now and then (like The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, Pillars of Eternity to name but three) that I’m sure I’ll get by.

To make up for Arkham Knight’s delay, Rocksteady released this awesome “Officer down” gameplay video:

So after a bit of a Batman drought, expect to see quite a lot of the Dark Knight later this year.

[Source – IGN Italy, Gamespot]
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