Looking for something to do this weekend? You could join us up at the Arduino Day celebrations at Innovation Hub, Pretoria, or you could just open a new tab in your browser now and play one of the greatest video games ever for free. The first level, at any rate.

Developer Erik Royston Ross has recreated the Nintendo classic Super Mario 64 in Unity, and released it for web, Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s just the Bomb-omb Battlefield level, and he’s got no plans to add more levels in the future, but given that his site crashed last night from the interest in the project it’s looking like the computer science student may well have put together the perfect CV… Our only question is how does a student from 2015 even know about a game that’s approaching 20 years old?

And is anyone working on Goldeneye?

Check out the video below, then play it here.

[Via – Engadget]
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