Can’t wait for The Witcher 3, and hope to tear through its open-world setting in a weekend? Think again: the game’s senior art producer, Michal Krzemiński, told Gamingbolt over the weekend that he believes The Witcher 3 will offer gamers “…a lot more than 100 hours” of entertainment.

And that’s not limited to people who go out of their way to get the most from their games; those people, he says, could easily get “thrice that”. There’s just so much to see and do

Krzemiński’s answer came as part of an extensive interview he did with Gamingbolt about the game’s upcoming release. He skirted around the issue of 1080p on the PS4 and 900p on the Xbox One, though, giving the somewhat expected response of “These numbers are just numbers; it’s the adventure and thrill you get from playing the game that counts” when asked whether CD Projeckt will be working to bump it up to Full HD on the Xbox One post-release.

PC gamers have a lot to look forward to; the game will apparently run quite well on systems that don’t have the very best hardware. Krzemiński said “…the game won’t kill your PC if you have a lower end machine — we want all gamers to have fun, not only the ones with the most beefy specs.”

Of course, should your PC specs qualify as “beefy”, expect the game to look amazing, and expect to set whatever resolution you like. 1080p…. pfffft.

To read the interview in its entirety, click here. The Witcher 3 is out on the 19th of May, so not too long to wait now.

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