[MWC2015] HTC is making Valve’s Steam VR kit. And it’s called the Vive

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So after a fairly uneventful but tediously short of legroom journey we’ve finally made it to Barcelona for this year’s Mobile World Congress, and opening the show this evening is HTC. It’s slipped its press conference in ahead of everyone else. So what is it so keen to tell the world about?

It’s in the picture above. That square block of plastic in that there man’s hands is the first viewing of the Steam Virtual Reality (VR) headset, which has been in development by Valve Software to go with its PC games for some time. Originally, the firm had planned to build its gaming accessories itself, but plans changed and its partnering up.

The headset has a name – the Vive, technically the Re Vive – and it’s brought to you by HTC. There’ll be a developer edition available in the next couple of months, with a consumer edition by the end of the year.

There’ll be more details from Valve at the Games Developer Conference this week (for heaven’s knows today’s news was light on detail), but right now the Vive is being billed as the first “full room” immersive headset, capable of high resolution motion scanning and a 360 degree field of vision. We’re hoping to have a play with it before the show is over. The developer edition, at least, will have two 1 200×1 080 resolution screens with 90Hz refresh rates.

There’s also going to be a couple of wireless handheld controllers shipped with it.

No word on prices, but as well as compatibility with Valve’s games, HTC says it has also lined up content partnerships with Google, HBO and Lionsgate films.

And what of the phones? Slightly less excitingly, the HTC One (M9) got its first outing tonight too, and the firm has also entered the fitness band business with its first wearable, the HTC Grip. More on those to follow.

Want a better look at it? Course you do. Press shot below, official site over here.

htc-vive-pr-630Disclosure: Adam is a guest of Qualcomm at Mobile World Congress this year. The firm is covering travel expenses but there is no agreement regarding coverage in place.

//This page was updated to include a link to the official site and more specs.

Adam Oxford

Adam Oxford

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