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SA-made PC puzzler A Day in the Woods to get iOS release

A Day in the Woods is a family-friendly puzzle game made by South African Indie outfit RetroEpic Software. It released on PC in 2011 to much acclaim, earning itself an award from GameZebo as one of the best PC games of the year, alongside such recognisable greats as Portal 2 and Bastion.

We’ve just been contacted by the developer, who let us know the game is currently being polished up ahead of its release on iOS in April.

In the game, players must guide Little Red Riding Hood through a dangerous forest to her gran’s place. Levels are laid out in a hexagonal grid, and players must guide RRH to her destination acting as her wispy sprite companion by solving what is, effectively, a tile-switching puzzle while avoiding forest-dwelling beasties and other hazards.

Visuals have been overhauled, new music has been added and over 60 puzzles have been tweaked to bring A Day in the Woods up to 2015 standards that will (hopefully) please modern-day app buyers. The interface has also been tweaked to make the game even more suited to a touchscreen interface, which it was somewhat already with its tile-switching gameplay.

No game starring Little Red Riding Hood would be complete without the big bad wolf, who makes an appearance accompanied by what sounds like a tune based on Prokofiev’s menacing wolf theme from his Peter and the Wolf musical.

Tim Harbour from Jumpship Music did the music for the game, and confirmed that my ears do not deceive me and that he did indeed write the wolf’s music with Prokofiev’s composition in mind.

Here’s the launch trailer:

Parents, take note: A Day in the Woods is coming to iOS on April 2nd, and will sell for $4.99 (around R62). That’s a small price to pay for something you can play with your kids on your iPad and iPhone, plus you’ll be supporting a local studio. Sounds like a win all round.

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