A few weeks back I wrote about a South African-made indie game called A Day in the Woods, a charming little puzzler that has players figuring out how to get Red Riding Hood through the woods and to her gran’s house.

It’s a remaster of the PC game, but aimed at iPad and iPhone owners and of course a large international audience. Smart folks, those developers over at RetroEpic.

Well, today sees the game’s release on iTunes, so you can grab it right now ahead of the imminent four-day Easter break.

It’s not just the marketing strategy that’s clever, the timing is quite smart as well, with so many kids at home and parents who will be looking for ways to keep them quiet for a few hours spend some time with them doing something fun and family-friendly over the long weekend.

The game costs just R59.99, which is about what you’d pay for a 1.5-hour movie but with more entertainment value, making snapping it up a no-brainer. Find it on iTunes here.

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