It took the social photo-sharing service two years to give us a major update last December, but luckily Instagram is no longer taking as long to give fans more creative options.

Instagram’s two new tools, Colour and Fade, have been added to it’s adjust menu to allow you to tint the highlights or shadows in your photo and play around with different tones.

You can choose to tint your photo in either yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, cyan or green under the Colour tool, giving your photo a kind of polaroid picture effect.

Fade softens your photos’ colours making the tones appear softer without comprising on any of the quality. You can also play around with the feature’s intensity, just like other Instagram filters.

Also recently added to the service is the ability to subscribe to get notifications whenever your friends and favourite users post anything. To enable this, visit a user’s profile, select options at the top right corner and tap on ‘Turn on Post Notifications’.

The updated version of Instagram is available now for Android and is coming soon for iOS.

[Source – Instagram, Image – CC/ by ]