Geekulcha is a community of like minded youngsters in IT who collaborate in an effort to share opportunities and learn from one another, and regular readers of this site will know that we’ve worked extensively with the Pretoria-based organisation over the last couple of years.

It seems like Guateng is no longer big enough to contain their ambition, and the network is currently expanding to a permanent presence at Sol Plaatje University (SPU). Geekulcha plans to ‘’make Northern Cape alive and a strong pillar of the ICT world,’’ says organiser Tiyani Nghonyama.

Sol Plaatje University is not wholly unfamiliar territory for Geekulcha. It’s organised an electroMobile challenge there in the past and gave away an Arduino set to the best local innovative idea. Nghonyama says 50 students are now part of their new project which is aptly named ‘’Geek Connect’’ and describes their task at SPU as ‘’making the student developer ecosystem vibrant and making them (students) embrace maker culture”. mLab Southern Africa, Sol Plaatje University, the department of Science and Technology and the provincial Economic Development and Tourism Department in the Northern Cape are partners on this Geekulcha project. 

In addition, Geekulcha will also appoint three ambassadors on campus at SPU. Students are encouraged to be on the look out for technology and entrepreneurship meetups in Kimberly starting this month. Geekulcha also promises opportunities for travel to Pretoria for students in order to give students varied experiences.