Poor LG. With the April 28 reveal date for its upcoming G4 smartphone looming large, leakers have beaten the company to the punch.

The Verge reported that “prolific leaker Evan Blass” discovered a hidden G4 microsite that is still under construction that had a bunch of pictures of the G4 on it, as well as a few details on its hardware. In a twitter post, he said the URL of the site was actually buried inside the code of a G4 teaser site LG put up ahead of the phone’s April 28th reveal.

The leaked data included dozens of images of the phone, showing the G4 off from all angles and telling the world to expect leather back covers and a faux carbon-fibre front panel.

The back plates, The Verge says, appear to be swappable, with several designs included on the site that range “from black and brown to baby blue and yellow”, along with more traditional plastic backs.

The phone’s specifications aren’t confirmed, though, as apparently the specs on the site appear to be placeholders that are more G3 than G4. The one standout spec that The Verge focused on that the G3 didn’t have was “an infrared color spectrum analyzer for more accurate color reproduction”, which presumably means the G4’s photo colours will look pretty good.

You have to feel for LG; the company really appears to be putting effort into the G4 and someone on the internet goes and spoils everything before they can officially show it off. Then again, if you’re not ready to talk about an in-progress project, perhaps you shouldn’t include the URL of the product’s microsite in another site you want people to look at.

Because that’s exactly what people will do – they will trawl through your code with a fine tooth comb, so it’s advisable to put your best foot forward when teasing people with tech news.

We’ll all know more (officially) on the 28th of this month, but if you can’t wait that long head over to The Verge’s article to see a bunch of pics of the phone before then.

[Source and images – The Verge]
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