The long running case against against a man who has become a villain or hero depending on the side of his copyright entanglement you pick is to drag on for even longer.

CBS reports that copyright law fugitive Kim Dotcom has been afforded another breather after a Canadian court ordered that the US team trying to go through 25 terabytes of data  in their case against him should compare costs of an order for such access with Dotcom’s legal representatives.

The data in question was obtained from 32 Megaupload servers by Canadian police as and is central to charges of copyright infringement, racketeering and money laundering against Dotcom and others who are affiliated with the file-sharing site.

The case hit another snag today because the court had to decide how and in what form the information obtained by Canadian police will be handed over to US authorities. Kim Dotcom’s lawyer is reported to have argued against the relevance of the data which he alleges is merely uploads and large files such as photos, videos and documents which Megaupload users shared through the website.

Megaupload was a filesharing website accessible around the worlds including in South Africa and closed down by US authorities in 2012. Dotcom, a self proclaimed Internet Freedom Fighter is currently fighting extradition from New Zealand to the USA.

[Source CBS, Image – CC by 4.0/Robert O’Neill]