You’re probably going to encounter more than one gloaty PC gamer today, because Grand Theft Auto V is finally out for the platform and it looks jaw-droppingly incredible – much better than it did on any of the consoles, confirming the notion of the PC’s superiority to all other platforms.

Or, as Steam reviewer Spoderman put it:

Spoder Steam Review

To show this off, YouTuber taltigolt cranked the game’s settings to max and recorded a few videos, which he then uploaded to his channel (via VG247). Some are even in 4K and captured at 60fps, so if you have a monitor that supports it like AOC’s rather good U2868PQU, crank those videos up to 4K and sit back and enjoy.

Here’s but one video of taltigolt’s several. Note that all of the game’s graphics settings are at their absolute maximum, and taltigolt is running a dual-card setup that has 6GB of video memory. He says the cards are both two years old, which is great news for anyone running newer cards as that means good performance can be expected even in single-card setups.

There are quite a few others over at taltigolt’s channel, and are highly recommended if you, like me, are waiting for GTA V to finish its monstrous 65GB download.

[Source – VG247]
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