Panasonic may be one of the biggest brands in the world in terms of electronics, but the iconic products disappeared from South African shelves some time ago.

Good news Panasonic fans – the Japanese firm is once again making a huge push locally, officially relaunching its products into South Africa with a large media event held this morning in Johannesburg.

Panasonic plans to release TVs, home theatre, home audio and systems, as well as cameras and home appliances such as washing machines and fridges.

“Attention to detail and refined Japanese craftsmanship are inherent in all Panasonic products, from easy-to-use consumer products such as our range of audio-visual systems, cameras, home appliances, to reliable and precise business solutions including air conditioning units,” said Daizo Ito, regional head of Panasonic for India, South Asia, Middle East and Africa.

But having to relaunch in South Africa does beg the question: what are the company’s chances this time around now that big brands like Samsung, LG and Sony have already established a strong foothold locally?

“Panasonic is buoyant about its re-investment in South Africa at this time. This move is in line with a general increase in interest in the African continent. Manufacturers that previously concentrated on markets in India and the Far East are now turning their attention to Africa as the new frontier market,” Panasonic explained.

Panasonic added that it has already established a network of retailers that will be carrying its products in the future.

“Panasonic has a strong and historic longstanding network of retailers throughout South Africa, including all major chain stores. The company has already received multiple listings for the eagerly anticipated new range of products that will set the standard for local consumers,” it said.

While no specific date has been given for products to arrive on-shelf, you can expect them very soon.

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