Myst, the game from 1993 that single-handedly made people go out and buy a CD-ROM drive when floppy discs were still a thing, has had its depths plumbed and interesting facts about its creation and creators unearthed by the clever people over at Mental Floss.

They’ve put together a fascinating story on the 15 things you probably don’t know about the game, whether you played it back in the day or not.

Like, did you know that it was named after Jules Verne’s story The Mysterious Island? Or that its creators were pegged to be “the next Walt Disney”? Or that it was the best-selling computer game of all time until 2002, when it was finally overtaken by EA’s mega-franchise The Sims?

No, you probably didn’t, but these and 12 other fascinating insights into one of the biggest games ever are yours to peruse on the Mental Floss page.

So why is this of interest? Probably because Myst was hard; it was, essentially the Souls game of the 1990s and naturally, a lot of people were curious about its story, the people behind it and the popular culture references that it spawned.

Even now, 22 years later, it stands as a fascinating example of game design, the interweaving of exploration, storytelling and how a compelling, believable but ultimately fictional world can impact players, and vice versa.

While the Mental Floss article doesn’t answer every question you may have about the game, it does at least provide glimpses into its production, the people behind it and its effect on the computer gaming landscape. It’s a very good read, which you can find here.

And if this inspires you to try the game out for yourself, you can find it DRM-free on for the paltry sum of $5.99, also known as R73 around these parts. Nintendo fans can also find portable copies of the game for 3DS online (even more frustrating on the small screen…).

Or, if you’re an older gamer and would prefer to re-play Myst but see it with modern graphics, get the real Myst Masterpiece Edition (also from GOG) for $17.99 (R219).

[Source – Mental Floss]
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