Microsoft’s Build conference starts later today, and CEO Satya Nadella and other executives are expected to deliver a two and a half hour keynote from the Moscone Centre in San Francisco that will outline where Microsoft is with its various projects.

That means more info on Hololens – Microsoft’s stupendously-impressive augmented reality headset – and more on the upcoming Windows 10 release, Cortana,  Project Spartan and Office.

People who find that sort of thing exciting will want to know when and how they can watch the event live. Microsoft being Microsoft, the keynote will be streamed live on the internet from 8:30am Pacific Time, which translates to 5:30pm South African time. Just in time to let you watch it while eating some dinner.

To tune in, you just need to open up the official Build website and click the Watch Live button.  Streaming doesn’t require a particularly fast connection, so even if all you have is 2mbps ADSL you’ll still get the gist of the speech.

The keynote may even reference rumours we’ve been hearing today (via Neowin) of the Windows 10 Preview that the public is currently beta-testing for Microsoft will convert to a full RTM version of the operating system that includes a valid license. The rumour comes courtesy of Russian leaker WZor.

But more likely Microsoft will just share that the latest OS build will change the branding to “Windows 10 Insider Preview” from today instead.

Whatever happens, I’ll hazard a guess and say we’re in for another wild ride as New Microsoft shows more of itself this afternoon. I, for one, can’t wait to hear what Nadella and co. have to say.

[Source – BuildWindows, Neowin]
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