Where are the most interesting places in Johannesburg or Cape Town? You think you might know the answer, but a really cool interactive map from Eric Fischer, a data artist and software developer at Mapbox, might just challenge your view.

Fischer has been working on a special project for a good number of years and it really is astounding. He created the Geotaggers’ World Atlas, an interactive map to show where the most interesting places are for any city in the world.

How does he do it? Well, by taking data from 10-years’ worth of geotagged photos in Flickr, he created a map to show where people took those photographs, the path they followed and at what speed they were moving in between photos.

“A cluster of geotagged photos is a good indicator of the interestingness of a place because it signifies that people went there in the first place, saw something worth taking a picture of, and put the extra effort into posting it online for others to appreciate,” he explained on his blog.

Below is what Cape Town looks like according to the Geotaggers’ World Atlas. It is clear that the most popular places to take pictures and upload them to Flickr is the V&A Waterfront, the harbour, the city centre and Table Mountain.

Cape Town
[Image – Eric Fischer]

Fischer explains that the red lines on the map show where a photographer travelled between photo sites at a speed between 11 and 30 kilometres per hour, based on the time stamps and locations of the pictures.

Below is the full interactive map, with London, England as a starting point for comparison purposes. If you want to see a full screen view of the entire map, check it out here.

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