We bet there has been a number of occasions online where you couldn’t successful express your feelings quiet like giving someone the middle finger could.

Should you feel regularly inclined to descend into such rude behaviour, you’ll soon be able to do so in a chat window too. That’s thanks to Microsoft. Apparently part of Windows 10, Microsoft will include the some-what crude gesture so that you can perfectly explain to someone where to get off.


Flipping someone the bird is just one of the changes that Microsoft will be making to the way people communicate online, as Emojipedia picked up on all the details of the Windows 10 changelog.

Aside from the emoji mentioned above, also included in the new expressions is a “Face With OK Gesture With Black Skin Tone”, “Flushed Face” and “Information Desk Person With Cream White Skin Tone.”

Emojipedia points out that the middle-finger emoji could have been used as far back as last year, but nobody seemed willing to include it in their online communication selections.

“The middle finger emoji was approved as part of Unicode 7 in mid-2014, yet has curiously remained absent from iOS, OS X, Android, and Windows. Until now. If this is not expressive enough, a range of skin tone options exist from the pale middle finger, through to the black middle finger,” it writes.

If you want to see all the new faces that will be included in Windows 10, just click here.

Of course, these emojis are all well and good for the younger generation, but frankly we prefer to do it old school.

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