Finally, there’s a really good reason to use Windows 8.1: for the month of May, South African budget airline Mango is offering people who use Microsoft’s latest operating system, whether it’s on their phones or PCs, the opportunity to buy flights for just R1 through the official Mango Windows 8.1 app.

That’s excluding taxes, of course. We checked it out this morning only to find the R1 flight we looked at would actually cost us just over R170 thanks to extras.

Still, that’s pretty good, and a far cry from the R1 500-odd it would have cost us otherwise. The promotion is to celebrate the launch of the official Windows 8.1 Mango app that people can use to book flights, which you can find here.

The promo is valid for the month of May, and applies to flights between now and the end of June. Not all flights, though – and you can only find qualifying flights by searching in the app itself. So don’t expect to get a flight that suits your schedule, the app will tell you which flights on a selected route are currently on offer.

If you want to book a return ticket, there’s a bit of a snag. The official terms and conditions say “Return bookings only of which only 1 sector can be R1.00/No combination of any other promotional fare, 2ND sector will be on published fare”, meaning the second leg of your trip will not qualify for the R1 offer.

To get around that, you could always book two separate – and qualifying – one-way flights, so it’s not the end of the world.

Kudos to Microsoft and Mango for rewarding Windows 8.1 users like this, and Mango especially for adding its app to the Windows 8.1 lineup.

Update: On getting all excited at the prospect of a R340 flight to Durban and back, I attempted to book myself a ticket, only to find that the “Return bookings only…” portion of the Ts & Cs mean that you only qualify for a R1 flight (plus airport taxes) if you book a return ticket. Sadly, there are no one-way flights that will cost you just R1 plus airport taxes.

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