Italian firm Building Energy has just confirmed that it will be erecting a 140MW wind farm in the Roggeveld, which is situated between the Northern and Western Cape Provinces.

The project is expected to generate 590GWh per year, and was awarded to Building Energy through South Africa’s Renewable Independent Power Producer Procurement (REIPPP) Programme.

The company has also been awarded Preferred Bidder status for a mini-hydro project at Kruisvallei in the Free State – which is expected to produce 36GWh per year with a nameplate capacity of 4.7MW of power.

What makes the awarding of the two projects special for Building Energy, is that the company will be the first entity in South Africa to produce electrical power from four different sources.

In addition to the wind and hydro projects, the company already has an 81MW solar project in Kathu (Northern Cape) and a 16.5MW biomass project in Mkuze (KwaZulu-Natal). The company was awarded those project in the first and third rounds of the REIPPP programme, respectively.

“We are excited about the news of being awarded the Roggeveld wind project and the Kruisvallei small-hydro project and honoured that South Africa has decided once again to rely on our company,” said Matteo Brambilla, Building Energy Managing Director Africa, in a press statement.

No date has been announced yet for the construction of the wind and hydro facility.

[Source –, image – Building Energy]

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