Ubisoft is expected to announce more details about this year’s Assassin’s Creed (and, presumably, more information about the game in general) this week, but naturally the company has been beaten to the punch. This is 2015, after all, and secrets are kind of hard to keep.

So what’s the big news? Well, it has emerged via Polygon that the game will be subtitled “Syndicate”, as confirmed by marketing material in the site’s possession, and star a new assassin by the name of Jacob Frye.

We already know the game is to be set in Victorian-era London, around the time of the Industrial Revolution thanks to leaks that hit the web as early as last year outing the game as AC: Victory.

Ubisoft has been a bit mum on the matter, but last week they did put out a teaser trailer for the official announcement that’s coming tomorrow at 5PM UK time, so expect official confirmation then.

Me, I’m not so sure “Syndicate” is a good subtitle; my gaming experiences is firmly rooted in the greats of the late 80s and 90s, including Bullfrog’s seminal Syndicate series, and that word still conjurs up images of a high-tech dystopian future where huge corporations battle over control of the world’s wealth and resources using cybernetically-augmented humans to do their fighting.

Wrapping my mind around the idea that it will soon come mean a Victorian-era Assassin’s Creed may prove a bit of a challenge.

Still, it’s progress and good news for younger Assassin’s Creed fans who may not have my same gaming memories, and who don’t free-associate the word with greatness because 2012’s reboot was rubbish.

Check out the official teaser trailer below, which details the release window (Holiday 2015) and a few pre-order bonuses for the handful of gamers who go for such things.

[Source – Polygon]
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