You could quite possible be disappointed right now that The Division is being pushed back to 2016, as announced last night, but here’s a reason to be happy again: we know exactly when that other Tom Clancy game, Rainbow Six: Siege is going to appear on store shelves for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

And that date is… drum roll…

October 13th. Tada!

For those old hands who’ve been playing Rainbow Six since its first incarnations back in the late nineties and who have lamented the absence of the tactical, squad-based FPS in games in recent years, this is brilliant news.

For newer gamers looking for something to capture their tactical minds, challenge their hand-eye co-ordination and titillate their imaginations with a high-tech story, it’s even better news.

And for fans of playing against real people in hostage-rescue, bomb-defusal and other high-tension situations, Siege will offer a great alternative to EA’s Battlefield games.

Ubisoft has actually been rather quiet about Siege, showing very little since the awesome gameplay demo that premiered at last year’s E3 that showed off the teamwork, destructible levels and intensity of the game’s multiplayer mode.

Watch it, and tell me with a straight face that it doesn’t look amazing, I dare you.

So now you have yet another highly-anticipated date to add to your calendar.

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