French megapublisher Ubisoft shared a lot of interesting news last night during its latest earnings call. One of the sadder highlights was that it’s delaying the hotly-anticipated Tom Clancy’s: The Division and that the company is focussing on games for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with only one exception for older consoles (Just Dance).

Yes, that’s right, none of Ubisoft’s big-name future games will be coming out for the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. It’s a relief, frankly, and also encouraging as it will allow Ubisoft’s developers to make their projects as graphically-rich as possible, without having to program in compromises for those older systems.

It’s a bit of a blow for people who have not yet transitioned to the newer consoles, but such is the nature of the videogame, er, game.

The delay to Tom Clancy’s The Division, on the other hand, is quite disappointing. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said during the call that the game has been pushed to early 2016, during the fourth quarter of Ubisoft’s financial year. That means it’s now only due out sometime between the 1st of January and the 31st of March, 2016.

Guillemot is making the decision for the right reasons, though. According to Videogamer, he said that The Division is “…an RPG online game. Those games take more time to be completed and we want to make sure we have enough feedback from consumers from alpha and betas to polish it as much as possible before the launch so that it comes to the market with the best experience possible.”

And yes, he did just say “alpha and betas”, meaning Ubisoft plans to test it to hell and back and get gamer feedback before releasing the final game. That’s brilliant news, and shows Ubisoft has clearly learned from Unity’s mistakes, which released unpolished and incredibly buggy last year.

Unfortunately Guillemot didn’t mention any dates for the alpha and beta tests of The Division, so there’s no concrete timeline to get excited about quite yet, but keep your eyes peeled for the announcement as at a guess I’d say it’ll come through in the next couple of months, perhaps to coincide with the northern hemisphere’s summer.

What do you guys think of this? Me, I’m happy to let Ubi polish The Division to a shine, and I won’t be sorry to see development ceasing for those older systems.

[Source – Videogamer]
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