Fujifilm X-T1 owners are in for a treat: their awesome mirrorless SLR is about to get better, as a significant new firmware update has been announced for the flagship X-series body. The update is an almost complete overhaul of autofocus system, which will tackle issues with moving subjects and low light conditions.

Firmware version 4.00 which will be available in late June adds Zone and Wide/Tracking modes that will allow users to select a group of AF points in a 3×3, 5×3 or 5×5 pattern, this will ensure that moving subjects are kept in continuous focus in one particular part of the frame (when panning) or as they move across a stationary frame. These modes should also help when a subject is moving towards or away from the camera as well.

Low contrast light is one of the places that many manufacturers struggle with, X-T1 users will now benefit from finer tonal detection as AF points that are divided into smaller sections for more detailed analysis of the target. The extra division of the point has allowed Fuji to notice tonal differences of just 0.5EV, instead of the 2.5EV of its current system. This means the X-T1 should be able to lock on to subjects with less defined texture and in more diffused lighting, as well as in more dimly illuminated conditions.

Eye detection AF will now be a feature, the new firmware update provides Fujifilm’s Eye Detection auto focus, which automatically detects and focuses on human eyes. The function allows you to easily focus on the eyes even in difficult conditions.

The firmware update will also introduce an Auto Macro functions that will automatically switch the camera into the Macro mode while maintaining the conventional autofocus speed. This means that you will not have to press the Macro button to initiate a close-up shot. This update eliminates the Macro function assigned to the Macro Button, allowing you to assign a different function to the button.

Further updates include a broadening of the shutter speed range available in the T setting from 30-1/3 200sec, the exposure compensation dial will be able to be used for altering exposure in manual mode when auto ISO is active, and the grid display on the rear screen and in the viewfinder will use finer lines so less of the subject is obscured.

Here’s wondering if the same update will filter to the X-E2 and the like.

To download the Version 4.00 firmware visit the Fujifilm download site at the end of June.