Twenty years ago today,, and 218 other were the first domains to be registered on local domain name registrar, the ZA Central Registry (ZACR).

“The first group of 221 Platinum domain names are significant because they had the vision to invest in the fledgling .ZA domain name system, and in particular, when it was trendy for South African firms at that time to acquire a .com domain, for example,” said Lucky Masilela, CEO of ZACR.

Today there are over 1 active domain names registered with the ZACR that are spread out across the world in Europe, India, the US, Australia, Canada and the rest of Africa.

The ZACR’s top three domains are, and .capetown.

A Google search for .capetown calls more than 23 000 individual domains registered since November last year.

“We commend our Platinum registrants for their early confidence in South Africa’s home-grown domain name registry,” Masilela added.

A number of the company’s who had registered their domains in 1995, such as Multichoice and Vodacom, had either just been established or had been around for just over a year.

“We could never have become what we are today without the support of those early domain name registrants who had the confidence and the vision to registrar a domain name,” Masilela added.

[Image – Shutterstock]