If you have R9 999 burning a hole in your digital wallet, we can always suggest that you get your hands on an Apple Watch Sport, which is being sold on online retailer Takealot from today.

Apple Watch isn’t officially available in South Africa just yet, but the retailer has made some arrangements to be able to stock one model.

“The long wait is over – Apple Watch is here,” the retailer proclaims on the description page of the 38mm Silver Aluminium Case model. It is currently the only flavour that you can buy the watch in, but you can at least select between lime green, light blue and white.

Apple’s long-awaited smart watch has been met with some mixed opinions from critics and consumers alike, but the general consensus among them are that if you really, really want one, you should buy it. Otherwise, you can wait for the second edition to make an appearance next year and grab that model.

At the time it was announced in September last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained some of the design features.

“Apple Watch is unlike any device we’ve ever made. But we wanted interacting with it to be just as easy and intuitive as using your iPhone or working on a Mac. So we invented all-new ways to select, navigate, and input that are ideally suited to a smaller device worn on the wrist. The result is an experience that’s both unique to Apple Watch and quintessentially Apple.”

R10 000 for an Apple Watch is really expensive, even when compared to what users in the US pay for the unit.

The base price for a Watch Sport in the US is $349 for the 38mm model, and $399 for the 42mm model. At R11 to the US dollar, it is almost two-and-a-half times more expensive to buy it here than overseas.

Although Core Group, the company that currently distributes Apple products in South Africa, did say that the Watch will eventually be officially available some day, no hard-and-fast date has been set yet.

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