Starting tomorrow, Cape Town folks will be able to have documents and small goods collected and delivered to or for them through a new service called Picup.

The brainchild of Antonio Bruni, Picup is a small courier service that will be available on instant messaging platform WeChat that allows you to request a collection and delivery via three modes of transport: bicycle, car or scooter, depending on the package’s size.

“Imagine standing in a queue at Home Affairs only to realise that you’ve forgotten your ID book at home. With Picup, you can arrange for a driver to collect and deliver the document for you – all on your mobile phone and without losing your place in the queue,” said Brett Loubser, head of WeChat Africa.

To make use of the service, you will have to add the PicupSA official account on WeChat and complete the registration process.

PicupSA uses the geotagging feature on WeChat to map your location. Users will also be to use the map to pin point the location where they’d like their package dropped off.

Picup bicycles can collect and deliver packages up five kilograms for a maximum distance of five kilometres, scooters up to 10kgs for 30kms and cars up to 30kgs for 60kms.

A minimum base rate along with a ‘per kilometre’ rate will be charged for every collection and delivery. The bigger the package, the more you will pay.

Picup said it will strive to have drivers available around the clock, day and night, but if you need the service during peak hours (7am – 9am and 4pm – 7pm), you’ll have to pay an additional 25% of your charge.

Payments can be made via credit card or Picup WeChat e-wallet which will be debited and an invoice sent to you. No cash will be accepted.

All delivery drivers and cyclists on the Picup are verified before being signed up and users will be able to see their profiles and rate their service according to their experience. This is similar to how taxi-hailing service, Uber, also operates with its drivers.

Drivers can either work full time for Picup using the company’s fleet, or work part time using their own transport.

“Customers value their time, they’re demanding immediacy, efficiency and simplicity and this is exactly what Picup aims to achieve by letting customers order a licensed, verified and fully trained professional driver directly from WeChat seamlessly – no paperwork, no confusion, no problem,” said Grant Isaacs, head of operations, training and marketing at Picup.

Upon launch, Picup will only be available in Cape Town, but there are plans to expand to other cities.

For more information about Picup, visit the company website.

[Source – Picup SA via IT-Online]