Now that’s what gamers want from a big developer: not only the promise of free DLC for their latest triple-A game, but the delivery thereof less than two weeks after launch.

And that’s exactly what CD Projeckt Red has done: the company announced via its Facebook page that the second two of its promised 16 DLC packs will be out for The Witcher 3 this week.

The first set was out on the 21st of May: some Temerian armour and a beard and hairstyle set for Geralt.

The first of the new pair of DLCs is a new Contract for Geralt, which is a quest to find out what’s happening in a small Skellige village where miners are going missing.

The second isn’t quite as substantial, and is “only” a new look (a skin, essentially) for Yennefer of Vengerberg, one of the game’s main players and a powerful – and beautiful – sorceress.

The company hasn’t mentioned an exact release date, so these DLCs could drop at any time within the next few days; keep an eye out for an update on your chosen platform.

CD Projeckt has already rolled out a patch for the game that addresses some minor issues, with more to follow. So far, the gaming press is heaping praise on the title, with Gamespot awarding The Witcher 3 a perfect 10.

Our own review is underway, and so far impressions are mightily favourable indeed. In the meantime just buy the game, it’s really that good.

[Source – CD Projeckt Red’s Facebook, Image –’s Facebook]
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