Do you have ambitions of some day appearing on the silver screen? Do you mind starting at the very bottom as an extra in a zombie movie and working your way up?

But more importantly, would you like to be in the next Resident Evil movie?

Well here’s an opportunity to do exactly that: a casting call has gone out for people to appear as extras in the sixth instalment of “a  Hollywood zombie movie which is part 6 of a well-known series”, so if you’re in the area and you’re so thin that your ribs show, you should totally go for it.

The casting call, which appeared on Gumtree on the 24th of May, doesn’t specifically say that it’s for the next Resident Evil movie, but we did some sleuthing on our own, and here’s what we found out:

  • Five Resident Evil movies have been produced so far. The last was 2012’s Retribution.
  • A sixth movie is being planned, but hasn’t yet been named. Wikipedia says director Paul Anderson has called it “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”, but he emphasised that it’s a tentative title.
  • IMDB lists Cape Town, South Africa, as one of the movie’s filming locations.

Going on these clues, it’s quite likely this is a casting call for zombies for the next Resident Evil movie.

The pay for your time, should you be selected, is R600 a day (before deductions) for the duration of the shoot, which should take around three months. Filming is slated to take place between September and December of this year.

Your chances of being chosen as an extra are even higher if you’re double-jointed or an amputee as those qualities make you an ideal candidate for zombie-hood.

If you’re interested, and you have the appropriate physical attributes, the ad says you need to “Email 3 recent pics of yourself including a full length photo (without shirt for men, in swimsuit for women) to: [email protected]. and we will contact you with more info.”

Good luck!

[Source – Gumtree, Image – CC0 Public Domain]
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