Lenovo has shown off a projector-toting Android smartphone at the company’s Tech World conference that’s happening in Beijing at the moment.

The phone, dubbed the Smart Cast, is able to project not just a static image onto a surface, but an interactive screen as well. That means it can beam out a touchscreen if you like, or an interactive virtual keyboard as Lenovo showed off in its promotional video.

Projectors built into phones aren’t new – Samsung has brought out at least two phones with the feature – but Lenovo’s take on the concept seems a little more useful, since it’ll let you do things like play your favourite smartphone games on a much bigger screen than your phone can offer, anywhere there’s a suitable surface.

All you need to do is prop the phone up with its kickstand, activate the projector (it appears you will need to twist the phone’s projector cap to enable the reflections the phone uses to track your hands) and start typing/swiping.

The phone uses what Gizmodo Australia refers to as “the world’s smallest Pico laser projector” to project images onto surfaces, and apparently Lenovo hopes to have a good offering of apps created by third parties ready to roll by the time the phone launches.

Lenovo hasn’t mentioned anything about price or any sort of launch date for the Smart Cast, however, but it’s not unreasonable to expect this phone to carry quite a price premium, and to arrive this year sometime. We’ll bring you more as we get it.

[Source – Gizmodo Australia]
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