Sometimes, even though a game is critically well-received and loved by many, it doesn’t do quite as well on the sales front as it could have.

Recognising that, an organisation called Unsung Heroes has launched a campaign to promote games that were good, but which underperformed on the commercial side, in order to give them a second chance at financial glory.

A Day in the Woods is one such game, a charming turn-based iOS puzzle game made by South African outfit Retro Epic Studios that challenges players to get Red Riding Hood through the woods to her grandmother’s house, while dodging all sorts of dangers.

The studio contacted us today to make us aware of its participation in the campaign, which has a “publishing contract with Spil Games worth the equivalent of $50,000 in marketing, monetisation and localization” as its prize.

Unsung Heroes has set up a Facebook page for the campaign as well, and apparently any and all likes and comments on the various entries will give the judges an indication of which titles deserve their attention.

So if you’d like to show a little patriotism, or you’ve bought and played the game and you love it and want to help it reach more gamers (or both), head on over to the Retro Epic/Unsung Heroes Facebook page and hit that like button and leave a comment on your impressions of the game.

If you were sold at “charming turn-based iOS puzzle game” but hadn’t yet heard of the game, you can grab A Day in the Woods from the iTunes store here for a cent less than R60.

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