Picture this: You’re lost in the middle of nowhere and either have no mobile data or internet connection and need to find your way back to civilisation. Well, soon there’ll be no need to panic because Google Maps will be available offline in the near future.

The announcement was made by the company’s vice-president of products Sundar PichaiĀ at the annual Google I/O event in California where the search engine reveals all its plans and newest products and services.

The idea is mainly targeted at people in remote areas and developing countries where there’s either no internet or connectivity is a hassle.

All Google Maps features including reviews, location information and nearest attractions will also be available offline and the feature will also work when your mobile is on aeroplane mode.

The turn-by-turn voice guide will also be accessible offline, but only for maps that you save for offline use while you’re connected.

Pichai didn’t offer any information on when the feature would be available, other than an indication that it would be later this year.

[Source – Google I/O via The Verge]