Capetonian digital widget selected for BBC pilot

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A winner has been selected following the two day BBC Connected Studio event in Cape Town last month. Eleven other teams that took part in the contest were pipped by RLabs CatchUp which developed a digital widget that can be used to play BBC audio on the web.

The press release indicates that judges chose the idea for “cost efficiency, simple navigation and working with external BBC partners”.

RLabs team leader Kurt Appolis is quoted as expressing joy after receiving the news of their selection.

“…we were excited from the start to take part in a BBC event. It was a great experience and we are now looking forward to the next phase of the pilot.”

The BBC Connected Studio set itself the task of finding ways to distribute the international broadcaster’s audio content to younger audiences in an efficient way.

The idea will now undergo a six-month pilot stage with the hope that it will increase the BBC’s audience numbers in Africa according to the BBC’s Dmitry Shishkin.

“RLabs CatchUp offered a very simple and elegant solution that we hope will lead to an increase of digital consumption of BBC audio.”said Shishkin who was also a member of the judging panel.” The BBC maintains that RLabs CatchUp will retain the rights to the their technical innovation.



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