Social innovators: UNICEF is looking for your solutions to global challenges

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The UNICEF Global Innovation Centre is crowdsourcing solutions to some of our planet’s biggest issues affecting children through a new online community and is looking for social innovators from around the world to be part of it.

If you are an entrepreneur, technologist, inventor, student, researcher, product developer, IT professional or academic and have an idea for a product or service that has the potential to address the needs of marginalised kids in regions (including Africa) that fall under the UNICEF portfollio, you can submit your idea to CauseTech under a specific campaign featured on the site.

With the slogan “succeed where there is a need” the aim of CauseTech” is to tap into collective thinking and input to identify, adapt and deploy inventive technology solutions that can help UNICEF scale its efforts to meet the ever-growing needs of the poorest and most vulnerable and excluded children across 190 countries,” explained UNICEF.

Members of the CauseTech community and the public will be able to comment on and vote for the best ideas under each campaign which will be added to UNICEF Global Innovation Centre portfolio and possibly be turned into a reality and scaled across regions.

Mentors, venture capitalists and tech hub managers will be on hand to provide feedback and advice to community members to help refine their ideas.

The ideas that aren’t scaled by UNICEF will be given the chance to reach and receive funding from some of the organisation’s private partners through CauseTech.

“Our development strategy is to be the connector between all the relevant actors in the value chain, to ensure innovative solutions can be successfully implemented and scaled across regions and contexts,” said Dr Sharad Sapra, director of the UNICEF Global Innovation Centre.

To join CauseTech and participate in the challenges, you will need to register your details and your idea through the submission form on the website.

[Source and image – CauseTech]