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VIDI streaming video added to Samsung TVs, Vodacom bills

Owning an online video service in South Africa is all well and good, but there’s a couple of fundamental pitfalls which stand in the way of getting people to sign up for an all-you-can-watch subscription. Not only is bandwidth hugely expensive still, but only about one in five people has access to a credit card to pay for online services too.

South African video streaming service VIDI is aware of this, and also of the fact that people don’t like registering their credit card numbers online. So today it announced that users will now be able to pay for their subscription and for the films they watch through their Vodacom account.

“If you are tired of remembering to renew your subscription from time to time or just uncomfortable putting your credit card details in over the internet, you can now bill your VIDI subscription straight on to your Vodacom bill,” Vidi said in an email.

This also means that Vodacom has a rival to MTN’s Frontrow service, of course.

Vidi also announced that it has partnered with Samsung‘s On TV functionality on Smart televisions to make VIDI available directly on the sets.

“We have now partnered with On TV, the Samsung-exclusive Smart TV app where you can get Video On Demand directly on your Samsung Smart TV,” Vidi said.

All that you have to do is click on On TV on your Samsung Smart TV’s home page and follow the instructions/guidelines from there.

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