Should you be fortunate enough to have a fibre, LTE, LTE-A or an XDSL connection in your home or business, you qualify for Telkom’s latest offer of R699 for 50GB of data, which works out to R13.98 per gigabyte.

The telecommunications company announced the bundle today, saying it is “part of Telkom’s focus to increase high speed broadband penetration across different broadband technologies and across the country”.

LTE and LTE-A customers get a Huawei modem thrown in with the deal, while fibre and XDSL customers get a DStv Explora decoder. These bundles are only available on a contract basis, however, so you must be prepared to commit for 24 months in order to take advantage of it.

Telkom says that “Depending on the broadband network bundles, customers can receive up to 150Mbps on LTE-A, 90Mbps on LTE, 10Mbps on Fibre and 10Mbps on XDSL”.

At 150mbps, Telkom’s own LTE-A FAQ says you can download a 10GB Full HD movie in less than 8 minutes. Should someone manage to hit that peak speed, they can blow through their 50GB allocation in less than an hour.

To check which broadband technology is available in your area, fire up Telkom’s coverage map which you can find details on Telkom’s website. If you are interested in signing up for this 50GB bundle, start the process by clicking here, phoning 10213 or sending an SMS saying “futurehood” to 43481.

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