You may know Adult Swim as the dark, seedy side of Cartoon Network, purveyors of fare such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Venture Bros., The Boondocks and Robot Chicken.

What you may not know is that the network also creates mobile games under the [adult swim] games banner.

Here are five of the most memorable.

Giant Boulder of Death

Android & iTunes – Free with in-app purchases

Endless runner? No no, this is an endless roller. You play as the titular Giant Boulder, and yes, you will be dealt a bit of death in your endless rolling endeavours. With but the power of gravity and the tilt of your phone (or with touch controls, which I feel are better) you will roll down the side of, apparently, the world’s tallest mountain, crushing all beneath your spherical cragginess. This is extremely fun to cause a a bit of boredom-destroying bedlam before retreating back to your normal, non-bouldery life.

Rating: 4 Stars

“BOULDER SMASH all your free time”
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Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Android & iTunes – Free with in-app purchases

Prance through the magical landscape, but instead of stopping to drink from a mystical fjord, smash your robot unicorn horn through the body of a few golems. This game makes up for its somewhat samey endless running gameplay with a vast amount of customisation options. You can have the prettiest, sparkliest unicorn with a glowing rainbow trail, or one that resembles Darth Vader complete with glowing red horn. If you go for this option – as I did – don’t let any small siblings turn your dark side unicorn pink.

Rating: 3 Stars

“Accessorizing unicorns makes dad proud”
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Major Mayhem

Android & iTunes – Free with in-app purchases

A modern, mobile, version of the arcade light gun games, in which you need to duck in and out of cover to fire on enemies (which are ninjas, of course). Oh, and they have your girlfriend… naturally. You can also shoot upgrades and rescue hostages. Taking out the ninjutsu warriors also rewards you with coins you can use in the armoury for increasing your absurd armour and weapons. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to use my chicken gun to shoot ninjas while dressed as RoboCop.

Rating: 3 Stars

“Lots of fun without a plastic gun”
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Castle Doombad Free-to-Slay

Android  – Free with in-app purchases

As a servant of Doombad you’re in charge of keeping a princess prisoner so your master can…steal her screams? Okay game, whatever you say. To that end, you have to set traps for invading heroes so you can cook them in their armour and feed them to your monsters. It’s a great premise for a tower-defence game, but it’s let down by simplistic mechanics and a flat art style. You won’t be playing this for more than a few minutes before putting it down, but the in-game store is worth checking out for the strange bestiary alone.

Rating: 2 Stars

“Could have been better with a little more effort”
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Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma

Android & iTunes – Free with in-app purchases

Ever wanted to cauterize a wound with a Zippo? Or dissect something with a pizza cutter? How would you like to operate on a talking crash test dummy that teaches you how to be a surgeon while you operate on it?  No? Okay. Well, if you ever want to join me in La La Land this is the game. You may get a few strange looks from onlookers or younger kids, and you should not play before (or after, or during) a meal, but this is definitely something to sink your teeth into.


Rating: 4 stars.

“Will keep you entertained, and ill”
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