Proof, if anymore were needed that laptop design is getting crazier by the day, Gigabyte has unveiled the Aorus X5, which combines sleek, stylish design with enough processing power to shame most desktops.

Revealed at Computex in Taipei, The X5 boast among its very impressive-sounding hardware lurks the most ridiculous storage setup I’ve ever heard about in a laptop: three mSATA SSDs configured in RAID 0.

For those without an encyclopaedic knowledge of PC hardware, RAID 0 means the X5 can  read and write data simultaneously across multiple drives, leading to a massive increase in the speed at which it’s able to process data.

Just how fast is fast? Gigabyte says the Aorus X5’s storage subsystem can read data 12.5 times faster than any traditional hard drive setup, and three times faster than it could with a single mSATA drive. That means incredibly fast loading times for games, and less time spent gawking at loading screens.

While that’s unheard-of in a laptop, it’s not the only mind-boggling feature about the new X5. That would be the fact that it uses 5th-generation Core i5 and i7 Intel processors, a dual-graphics SLI setup using two GTX965 graphics chips that together outperform a single GTX980, a screen that supports the odd resolution of 2 880×1 620 and NVIDIA’s G-SYNC tech that eliminates screen tear altogether.

Perhaps most insane is the fact that all of this is packed into a chassis that weighs 2.49kg, and is just 2.286cm thick. Considering the power of the machine, that’s incredible.

Gigabyte has a pretty good presence in South Africa and has been good at showing off their pride in their Aorus range by letting us have a go with them in the past, so we expect the X5 to make it here in the next few months. The second we know it’s coming, and how much it will cost, we’ll let you know. And if you’ll need to sell a kidney.

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