With E3 looming on the horizon like a giant… looming thing, players and pundits alike are trying to guess what the big publishers and platform holders will have in store for their keynotes – as well as the demos they plan for the convention floor.

In light of this, it seems that someone has seen fit to jump the gun, releasing a new trailer for Rise Of The Tomb Raider two weeks ahead of the Expo.

With Microsoft on board as the game’s publisher, it’s was always a fair assumption to make that Rise Of The Tomb Raider would make an appearance at the Xbox E3 keynote.

Now this has been confirmed; after the trailer was leaked online yesterday – albeit it with French subtitles – Microsoft released an official version on its Xbox YouTube channel and the end of that trailer advises players to “watch the world premiere” at its “Xbox E3 2015 Briefing”. Oh, and it also says the game’s release date is ‘Holiday 2015’, which, if you don’t know, is around Christmas time.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/vF07oLpHEBw” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

The trailer also says that Rise Of The Tomb Raider is will land on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, but other platform holders shouldn’t be too worried; as a timed exclusive, there’s every possibility that the game will be coming PS4 at some stage.

The trailer shows off Lara Croft climbing up the face of an ice-packed mountain with her trusty ice axe, showing off the game’s new environment of Siberia. Recently Crystal Dynamics revealed some details about the game, which amongst other things, promised it would be even grittier than its predecessor, which let’s face it, was gritty enough to make James Ellroy raise an eyebrow. We’ll publish more details as an when they’re announced… or leaked.