Metal Slug, the famous side-scrolling shooter arcade game, which was originally released in 1996, is being ported to Steam and will be out on June 26th.

The official Steam page for the game lists its cost at $7.99 (R98.16) but if you pre-order it, it’s discounted to $6.39 (R78.51). This, by the way, is a lot less money than you’d spend trying to finish the game in video arcades back in the day.

The port’s being handled by the French developer DotEmu, who specialise in game emulation and are the folks behind the Steam versions of Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug X and several other classic games such as the Double Dragon Trilogy. SNK Playmore remains as the publisher.

Since this is only an official, emulated version of the game, you can expect no remastering or overhauls, a problem which has plagued the Metal Slug series outside of the arcade. The Wii versions of several Metal Slug games were criticized for a button control being replaced with a motion input via the Wii’s controller, which made the nefariously difficult games incredibly irritating to play.

The Steam version will feature some improvements though: stage select and settings will let you change up the experience, and online multiplayer and leaderboards will suffice for having a friend at the cabinet helping you get on the High Scoreboard.

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